Mail Hosting

Do you need hosted email? Our mail service includes outlook mail, calendars, contacts, tasks and notes. Groups and email aliases are included. We also offer an email archive service for long term storage. Check your mail from any of your popular devices.

Spam Filter

Our spam filter is customisable per site, per user. Users can check spam filters and add their own whitelists for suppliers and trusted senders. Viruses, phishing attacks and other undesirable content is vastly reduced with this system. Spam retention is up to two weeks.

Mail Archive

We offer site wide email archiving for all users. This is often necessary for regulatory, compliance or monitoring purposes. It is similar to Mimecast and Proofpoint. This service is available for specific users or for entire sites. Retention duration is up to 10 years.

Mail and Domain Hosting - Pricing Table

Prices excl VAT @ 15%
2GB Basic Mailbox
Per month excl VAT

2GB mailbox space

Calendar, Mail, Contacts, Tasks, Notes.

Unlimited number of connections

Unlimited aliases or groups

User customisable spam filter included.

Requires domain hosting

2GB Additional storage
Per month excl VAT

Upgrades a standard mailbox

Requires a basic hosted mailbox

Price is as per 2GB Increments

All other mailbox features remain as is

Mailbox space is available on all clients

Does not apply to archive mailboxes

20GB Archive mailbox
Per month excl VAT

20GB for online email archive

Automatically backed up

Requires a hosted mailbox

Only applies to one mailbox

Clients require online archive support

99% uptime guaranteed

DNS hosting
Per anum excl VAT

Includes DNS server hosting

Includes edits and additions

Used to direct mail and web traffic

Includes support for DNS configuration

Custom DNS hosts and entries included

Includes DNS server redundancy