TechNiche Fibre, Mobile and DSL Bandwidth
Business's in South Africa have a few ISP's to choose from. Fibre is being rolled out all over the metropolitan areas and this means that most first tier ISP's will be able to provide Fibre solutions. We can help you choose the right provider. Options include MTN, Vodacom, IS, Neotel, Vox to name but a few. Corporate bandwidth requires extensive contract negotiations and includes elements such as:
  • Cost per megabyte
  • Failover links
  • Network uptime
  • Service additions such as MPLS, VOIP and APN
  • Bundled links for various sites and additional services (eg Mobile)
  • SLA terms and conditions
These solutions are bespoke and hardly commodities.
Smaller businesses have other options. They may be able to obtain FTTH (Fibre To The Home) products. These are sufficient for SME companies. However they are insufficient for larger businesses. Some SME companies will opt for LTE (a 4G mobile communications standard) or mobile data solutions. These products should be purchased with caution. To help our clients avoid costly or unworkable solutions, we offer bandwidth reselling as a value add. This is a non-core service for us, but allows us to ensure that core services are correctly maintained and serviced. Without stable bandwidth all companies are dead in the water.
The following list summarises a few of the FTTH providers that we are registered with:
OpenServe Fibre
Openserve is a division of Telkom SA. As such they enjoy a large coverage area. Their focus is FTTH (Fibre To The Home). They offer various speed links. The downside of OpenServe is that their fibre service is one of the more expensive offerings in the market. Fibre is typically ordered from OpenServe via the bandwidth provider. However the first step is to check if you are in their coverage area before considering OpenServe.
Fibrehoods Fibre
Fibrehoods is one of the smaller ISP's. However they often provide fibre in areas where other providers have yet to cover. For this reason, they are worth including in all coverage checks.
Vumatel Fibre
VUMA focus on FTTH solutions. They also offer a combined service. In other words they install the Fibre, the router as well as the bandwidth. It's an end to end solution. Many reselling options are available in that many other ISP's can resell VUMA solutions. However the deployment and network are all provided by VUMA themselves. Their pricing is good and the network is fast.

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