Website Hosting Products - Pricing Table

*All prices include VAT at 15%
Web site hosting
Per Month

A virtual server for hosting your website

Supports PHP, CGI, FTP, WebDAV, SCP

Supports site subversioning

MySQL and/or PostgreSQL Database

AWstats, performance graphs included

Free DNS setup and configurtion

Comodo SSL Certificate
Per Year

99.9% Browser Compatibility

Industry standard 256 bit encryption

Issued in minutes

Static Site Seal

Validity for 1 – 3 years

Free installation on our servers

Compatible with:

Apache web server website hosting
MySQL database support
PHP 7 and newer support

Encryption providers:

Comodo SSL Certificates
MySQL database support
MySQL database support
MySQL database support

Additional Web Hosting Products

We offer complete virtual servers and online appliances. These can run any OS and can scale depending on your needs. They can be bundled with, or without offsite replication, backup and/or failover.


Furthermore, we offer additional SSL certificates. Such as wildcard, multi-domain and other specialized certificates.