We support Windows systems

• Workstations (Laptops, Desktop Computers, Tablets)
• Server systems (Microsoft Windows, Linux and OSx)
• Virtual servers (HyperV and VMware)
• NAS systems
• BYOD portable and mobile devices
• Networking equipment (Switches, routers and Wifi systems)
• Printers (including servicing of these units)
• UPS's (including repair and servicing)

We support your systems onsite

• We offer onsite SLA's for day to day support of SME IT systems.
• We connect remotely as needed to monitor, configure and repair systems.
• We are available during business hours and can be reached after hours if need be.
Fees are offered on a sliding scale basis (complexity, time and urgency).
Most of our support services are performed remotely for faster, cheaper resolutions.
• Problems are logged through our ticket system for effective tracking.

Value added services

• Site audits of all hardware
• Site automation, including application rollouts and patching
• Access auditing and tracking
• Web access and tracking
• IT Risk management
• IT policy creation and enforcement
• Business Continuity Plans
• Disaster Recovery Plans
• ICT compliance and enforcement
• Corporate identity Roll-outs
Email & Word letterheads, Presentation templates, Electronic Logos and Stationary.
• Email logging and monitoring systems for compliance
• Web logging and monitoring systems for compliance

Standards compliance and documentation

• All support tickets are processed via an ITIL compliant ticket system.
   (This offers a service catalogue, change management & problem classification)
• Unattended tickets are escalated via online tracking systems.
• Users have a self service portal in which tickets are viewable.
• Reporting is available on tickets to determine trends and/or SLA compliance.
• All sites are documented with settings, layout, structures and controls.
• All sites have an actively maintained IT asset inventory
• Sites are typically patch managed, with monitored updates.
• Patching automation: If updates are not deployed, alerts are triggered.