Domains types that you can register with us

(Prices exclude VAT. Prices on international domains are subject to ZAR/USD fluctuations) R120.00
.com R300.00
.net R390.00
.xyz R50.00
.org R300.00
.co R720.00
.joburg R390.00
.capetown R390.00
.durban R390.00
.africa R540.00 R120.00 R120.00 R120.00
.online R870.00
.wiki R750.00
.love R720.00


.loan R120.00
.ink R830.00
.host R2 180.00
.feedback R720.00
.fans R1 800.00
.faith R120.00
.design R1 200.00
.cricket R120.00
.party R120.00
.rest R1 050.00
.website R680.00
.webcam R90.00
.trade R90.00
.in R750.00
.tech R1 170.00
.space R320.00


.site R810.00
.blog R720.00
.rent R1 650.00
.cash R680.00
.bid R80.00
.accountant R120.00
.name R320.00
.mobi R320.00 R1 580.00 R560.00
.me R750.00
.biz R320.00
.xxx R3 000.00
.asia R900.00
.eu R420.00 R470.00


.pw R260.00
.bar R1 800.00
.info R260.00
.science R830.00
.tv R1 260.00 R750.00
.us R240.00 R1 050.00 R560.00
.stream R80.00
.de R230.00 R1 050.00 R1 950.00
.bz R990.00 R80.00
.win R80.00



Additional domains are available that are not listed above. EG .africa, .agency. Price on request.

Check that your domain is free:


All domain registrations include the following:


  • Transfer of domain to our hosting facility.
  • DNS configuration of all relevant records for mail, web and other services.
  • Multiple redundant DNS servers (4 servers).
  • Auto-renewal and expiry notification of domains.
  • Locking of domains to prevent accidental transfer.
  • Configuration of anti-spam and anti-spoofing measures is included.
  • Turnaround is same day, pending payment. Fees are applicable for annual registration.