Online Backup Products - Pricing Table

*All prices include VAT at 15%
Offiste Data Replication
For all company data
R5000.00 - R10 000.00
Per Month

Can replicate entire virtual servers offsite

Can restore files individually

Daily backup emails and reports

Supports complete versioning of data

Backups performed after hours

Backups done over encrypted connections



Online Cloud replication means that your server data is replicated offsite. Depending on your server configuration this could mean that only core files are replicated to a remote store. Or it could mean that a complete copy of your virtual servers are replicated offsite. All replication is done over secure protocols, and performed during off peak hours. This form of backup is automated and performed daily. The benefits of this is that it is largely a hands free operation. Tapes don't need to be swapped on a daily basis, and there is no need to cater for a second tape drive to read backup tapes in case your server room or data center burns down.

Recovery is also granular. Meaning that you can restore single files in most cases without the need to restore the entire server environment. Unlike tapes, restoration can also be done at any time of day. Tape backups require each tape "run" to complete or to be stopped in order to use the same drive for restoration. Even if its a single file that you need for an urgent deliverable. Tape restoration is also an onsite event. Hence the decline in popularity of Tape based backup systems.

Online backups also give you peace of mind in that they are separate from the site. A hacking event at one location does not mean that the security protocols are necessarily breached to the remote backup location. Additional backups at the remote location can ensure that you enjoy long term recover-ability. A GFS (Grandfather - Father - Son) system can be used to ensure that site versioning is possible for a custom duration.

Pricing is indicative, and subject to adjustment based on the requirements of the client.

Other backup products that we offer


> Backup all company workstation data

As part of our IT Support SLA services, we offer the option to backup critical data from your workstations. Typically users store data on their local "My Documents" directory, or perhaps just the desktop. They may also have custom applications that they use. These may include financial applications, buying or media applications that are specific to your industry. The data contained in these applications is usually stored locally and not backed up. We offer a solution whereby this data is automatically backed up to your servers only when the users are connected to the local LAN or local Wifi Network. This process runs only when these users are in the office and includes all the custom folders on your laptops in the backup to the server.


> Backup workstation data to the Cloud

We also offer solutions that will allow workstations to backup their data to the cloud. This is more for people who never logon to a company network, and don't have that infrastructure. Instead they rely on backups to the cloud only. They too can enjoy automated backups of key folders and applications that allow for versioning and granular restoration of specific files.


> Mac backups to a central location

Apple systems come built in with Time Machine backup. However this usually means that you need to purchase a Time Capsule system or an external hard drive. We deploy onsite servers which can backup multiple Apple systems to a centralised system. This saves on costs and complexity. It also allows you to seamlessly backup since laptops will automatically connect and backup when they are in the office. Its a largely hands-off process that just runs in the background.